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How Big?

Posted by Sam Fraser on
How Big?

A size guide from our smallest size to our biggest! The Representative is 6'1". 

XS - 50cm x 37.5cm
Extra small prints create a more personal touch to your space. Use it to fill small spots on your walls or use multiple to tell a story!

S - 65cm x 50cm
Decorate your space by putting limited edition art on display. Small prints are best utilized in a set of three! Tell a story with a collection of different photos and liven-up any space. 

M – 80cm x 60cm
Our Medium print is the perfect size to grab the attention of anyone who enters. This size is large enough to stand alone but is still fits well as part of a series of two or three.

L – 120cm x 90cm
Large MyArtworkz are perfect for making bold statements without deducting from the rest of the room. When used correctly, a series of three can transform your space.

XL – 150cm x 112.5cm
Decorate your space by putting limited edition MyArtworkz on display. Our Extra-Large size print is perfect as a feature piece for any space. At over a meter squared… it’s pretty hard to miss.

XXL – 180cm x 135cm
MyArtworkz Extra-Extra-Large print is not for the faint-hearted. Our largest available print. Decorate your space by putting limited edition art on display.



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